Hahahahaha I can’t stop laughing!

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if you fucked with crash then you know the anxiety these levels created


Peachy keen, jellybean.

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Ink Drawings. Book of my work by Century Guild Gallery. Pls back it here & share https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/337503446/david-mack-muse-life-drawings-2012-2014

JUST LAUNCHED! David Mack: MUSE life drawings https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/337503446/david-mack-muse-life-drawings-2012-2014 Century Guild Gallery is offering this book of my life drawings. You can order your preferred package combination on the kickstarter here. Cat T-shirt, posters, original art, & more. If we transcend the initial goal, we will try to make the book even larger.

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Shrimp ceviche! #ceviche #shrimp #seafood #grub #food #hungry #hangout

"I believe that a person’s taste in music tells you a lot about them. In some cases, it tells you everything you need to know."

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